Tuesday, December 29, 2009


29 December 2009 (Thanks bro!!!) -

All credit go to wewez wez for being such a good fren todays.. give me a damn hell good advice until i notice tat it was i who make the problem.. such a stupid prob for a such noob me.. haish.. hehe..

A simple rules for a stupid person like me.. seriusly.. i dont feel like i want to share the rules in here.. hehe.. i print the rules in and stick it in my room.. come n see... beside me n her pic.. heee..

Hope it will motivated me to be the very best bf for "her".. and as I promise for myself.. I will love her until the last breath.. pray for me k..

Silly Note :: It was me kn yunk?.. Sorie.... T.T


NOOR FATIN said...

aku sntiasa mndoakan ko..=)

Silly Kippie said...

baik!!!! aku pun mendoakan korg... heee...

hana said...

smoge bhagie slalu..

Silly Kippie said...

eh.. hana!!!.. thanks!!!~~